Case study - Rashi Peripherals: Credit insurance

How we help with improving Rashi Peripherals’ credit control processes

At a glance


Rashi Peripherals

Trade sector:

Information Technology and Mobility


Indian sub-continent


To improve credit control processes with customers and negotiate better terms with banks.


Rashi Peripherals is enjoying impressive growth with a compound annual growth rate of 25%.

How we made it happen:

By providing credit management services and debt collections services, we support Rashi Peripherals' own in-house credit controls and enable them to grow their market with confidence.

Credit insurance provides information and security to help us move into new markets.

Navin Agarwal
Rashi Peripherals

Rashi Peripherals is one of India’s leading IT distributors with a track record spanning nearly 30 years. Navin Agarwal, Head of Accounts and Finance at Rashi Peripherals describes our work as an integral part of their own credit control processes.


The primary business aim of Rashi Peripherals is to maintain business growth and expand the reach of the 51 branch offices and service centres throughout India. Navin Agarwal, Head of Accounts and Finance, explains how working with Atradius and its insurance partner in India  provides an important aspect of the company’s wider growth plans. “Credit insurance provides information and security to help us move into new markets”, he says. “We always evaluate new customers, but the fact that Atradius and its insurance partner in India also does it gives us confidence to go after new customers.”

Our role

We began working with Rashi Peripherals in 2014. “We chose Atradius and its insurance partner in India as a partner because they are a market leader in the credit insurance sector”, says Navin Agarwal. “Over the last few years we have built up good relations with the Atradius and its insurance partner in India team and broker. They understand our business and our market,” he adds. Our locally based team, Atradius India Credit Management Services, provides Rashi Peripherals with credit management services and debt collection support.


The company enjoys impressive success across the nation. In addition to a compound annual growth rate of 25%, Rashi Peripherals has won many distributor awards from companies such as Logitech, Intel, Lenovo and many more.  Magazines like DT and CRN named Rashi Peripherals as the No.1 Value Added IT Distributor in India.  Navin Agarwal explains their success is thanks in part to their strong financial systems underscored by rigorous and transparent credit controls. He says: “Atradius and its insurance partner in India effectively helps us to evaluate our customers twice. We are very proactive and make sure we conduct due diligence on all of our customers.

Atradius and its insurance partner in India also do this as part of the process for agreeing credit limits. “In addition to being a core requirement of our business processes as directed by our Board, the credit insurance supports our financial controls and helps us minimise the risk of debtors and helps our company to grow and stay healthy.  We are a successful business with good credit control.”

The company’s robust financial practices can be seen in their recent adoption of the new GST standard. Rashi Peripherals was one of the first organisations in India to adopt the operational systems  needed for the new GST tax system.  As a digital business with all sales and purchase transactions recorded in a digital format, the company’s internal financial systems were able to complete a smooth migration to GST.

And, as Rashi Peripherals Director Krishna Choudary told Varinda Magazine: “We also took care of our partners and helped them in their business transition.  We provided education for them for GST implementation and supported them in all aspects.”

About Rashi Peripherals

Rashi Peripherals is one of the leading IT distributors and fastest growing companies in the vast Indian market.  Established in 1989, the company has partnered with more than 9000 dealers, retailers and customers in more than 750 towns and cities throughout the subcontinent. The company has created a strong IT infrastructure and unique marketing platforms that is attractive to the leading brands that choose to partner with them. CRN, DT and many other publications added to the company’s many accolades and awards by naming them the No.1 Value Added IT Distributor in India. The company’s own goals include continuing to have an all-round growth in components, peripherals, PC, networking and mobile business.

This includes bringing the world’s best brands, products, solutions to the Indian consumers and continuously expanding Rashi Peripherals’ reach of 51 branch offices and 55 service centres.


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